Yellow Magic

by Alva Dean

Hand signs
A boxed Bird
Used candle
Ouija says, “—“

Salt circle
Whispering a name
Bone dice down
Say again
Back bends round

Say again
Floating howl
The word is loud
A solid sound
Shimmering in, then out

a halo

It’s kept me from dreaming
I’m leaving
See you soon

Is it ever far
What’s meant
What for
Putting urns in the earth

Open and close
The door is loose
My roots undo
Shell that I am

Folding hands
Into hands
I breathe and become

It was cold in my body

I settle to sleep
Dream a long dream
And remember it is: dying

Inhaling sweetly
To: a measured mean
To: have a little to find a lot

Hold ‘it’ in a closed hand and
become your thoughts

Hello! My name is Ian Cook. I am 1/4 Indonesian, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Swedish, 1/4 German, American born, internationally raised. When I’m not petting my dogs and hanging out with my wife, I’m writing poetry, music, playing guitar and video games, drawing portraits and hands, biking, and exploring Lawrence, Kansas. I believe in the power of self-education and the importance of the new, to keep my mind active and growing. I’m always looking to learn, I find joy in figuring something out, taking the parts useful to me, and making it a part of my toolkit.

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