“On the Desire for an Accompanied Death,” a Poem by Jessica Moore

Take all your heavens
and line them up
here is what you have
what to bring with you—
these apple blossoms
these striated winter skies
your mother in the flowerbeds
your teeth
splitting the name of the girl
in the red windbreaker
into halves
your shallow footprints in the foliar carpet
disordered and roaming.

oh whiskey-eyed sun
oh landscape after a wildfire
in a dream we go softy into the ground
the choir orchestrating Hallelujah

Jessica Moore is a San Diego-based poet whose interest in the written word is eclipsed only by her passion for words put to harmonic accompaniment. Her work has appeared in Windowcat: Poetry, etc. and in Snarl: A Journal of Literature and Art. She has two dogs, to whom she gratefully reads her roughest drafts.

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