Belated Editor’s Note for Issue #3

Our newest issue, Snarl #3: Spring 2022, was already with the printers when our editor felt the need to write an editor’s note in light of the recent Supreme Court leak likely dooming Roe v. Wade. Here is her belated note:

Editor’s Note

The editors of Snarl take seriously the right to bodily autonomy that all people with uteruses deserve. Without establishing an explicit theme for our third issue, we found many of the works in this issue to be in conversation with the fraught state of parenting, pregnancy, and abortion in the US. This note means to both reinforce our commitment to reproductive freedom and provide a few points of action for our readers.

For readers living in Kansas, please consider registering to vote before July 12th so that you may vote on August 2nd in the primary election. On August 2nd, a constitutional amendment misleadingly named “Value Them Both” will appear on Kansan’s ballot. If it receives a majority vote in favor and Roe is struck down, it would allow KS legislators to pass any abortion ban they desire, including those that allow for no exceptions or would classify abortion as homicide punishable by a lengthy prison sentence. KS legislators could also pass a ban on abortions at fertilization, as other states have tried, which could make Plan B, IVF, and/or IUDs illegal.

Please Vote NO to ensure people with uteruses continue to be protected under the Kansas Constitution. We know that the decision to vote is one complicated by historic and present voter suppression and the ineptitude of our leaders to affect actual change. Still, we ask you to please consider voting on Aug. 2nd if only to vote against this amendment.

For Snarl readers who do not reside in Kansas or plan not to vote on Aug. 2nd, please consider donating your time or money, if you can, to your state’s abortion funds. These funds provide vital coverage of abortion, travel, and hotel stay costs to people seeking abortions. The Kansas Abortion Fund assists Kansans needing access to an abortion. You can also give to the National Network of Abortion Funds to have your donation spread across over 80 funds.

As of the publication of this note, Snarl will send a free copy of our third print issue to the first 5 people who send us a receipt for a donation ($20 minimum) to an abortion fund. This receipt may be sent by email (snarlmagazine @ or via Twitter DM. It should be a donation dated no earlier than June 5, 2022.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, please read Lynne Schmidt’s poem, “They Told You Abortion Was Ugly” on our website or in print by buying a copy of Snarl #3.

Chloe Seim
EIC Snarl

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