Caity Scott Wins Snarl’s 2022 Prose Contest!

Snarl is delighted to announce that Final Judge Jason Baltazar has selected Caity Scott’s short story, “like other girls,” as the winner of Snarl’s inaugural prose contest! Congratulations to all the writers who made it to the finalist round. Here is what Jason had to say about Caity’s winning story:

‘like other girls’ looms much larger than its page count. From the mythic currents woven through its intensely personal high school drama, to the balancing act of infusing its observations about the very real damage our discourses on gender and sexuality can cause with touches of humor and wonder, I was so thoroughly impressed. The swirl of emotions Lyra experiences is captured so well: mourning lost friendship, wanting desperately to be seen, hurtling through infatuation, betrayal, and, finally, support. That was something that stood out to me in particular. With conviction, “like other girls” turns toward openness and assures us that on the other side of our traumas we can bring to one another much of the resilience necessary to heal.

Caity Scott is a neurodivergent writer from the Pacific Northwest with an MFA from Western Washington University. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Dark Matter Magazine, Ghost City Review, The Disappointed Housewife, On the Run, and more. You can follow her on Twitter @smarted_pants.

Caity’s story will be published in Snarl Issue Four: Fall 2022. Our runner-up and finalists will also be published in either Issue Four or Issue Five! Pre-order Issue Four at our Square Site or in Submittable.

2022 Snarl Prose Contest Winner
“like other girls” by Caity Scott

2022 Snarl Prose Contest Runner-Up
“Ballad of the Fifty-Foot Woman” by Julia Horwitz

“Aurora’s Edge” by A.L. Tucker
“Crowntail Cichlids” by Sherry Yuan
“Anatomy” by Rachel Calnek-Sugin
“Two-Headed Calf” by Michelle Johnson-Wang
“The Archivist” by Martha Stallman
“What They Say About Hope” by Jennifer Companik
“Changeling” by Morgan MacVaugh
“Walking Away from Jenny” by Sarah Goldstein

Thank you again to all who submitted to our inaugural contests and congrats to our finalists!

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