Predict your own Alzheimer’s

Terminally slay-diseased,
Serving bitter and possessed.
Wench-core? simple darling:

Banish the Whittaker’s. Advice Column:
Flamboyantly the nickel sailed
Across the yard to the bucket
And made a splash! (Make a splash!)

Fish landing in a bowl, winnable.
Like a poster:
Motivational . (Class – room setting.)
We’re-ing and they’re-ing,

Contracting Fabuloso !
Oh & restrict jewelers ; they
Tend to stick to tradition.
Famish the tickle dip machine,

Ya cobbler toothed wring dinkle.
Delivery match Aunt Angel
Thumb creases in forgetfulness…
I aim never to read what was written.

o doctor of phrenological expertise
to deliver myself from ignorance
please admit me to where i should go – perhaps

how to invent a prison in the mind?
how to render a dream as a prison?
like piranesi imprisoned in his sleep.

to be frank i am tired of transcendentalism.
i no longer wish to speak around things.
i wish to direct my word like a knife.

Le Wermo (Trevor Bashaw) is a genderqueer poet and interdisciplinary artist currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. Their work investigates topics like art and everyday life, sound and atmosphere, desire and memory, and queer ecology. They work as a barista and librarian.

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