“I Remember My Mother Dancing,” an Essay by Manju Prasad

I remember my mother dancing. I remember craning my neck to see her, tilting my head so far back that my eyes were in line with my heels, for when I was short and round and two-years-old, my mother was tall and translucent, and very beautiful and would have been twenty-one-years-old.

“The Wheel of San Geronimo,” an Essay by David Simmons

On the corner of 16th Street and Peralta, in front of the New Jerusalem Baptist Church, is an antediluvian dopeman who will give you balloons of brown powder in exchange for exotic cheeses. For a pound of Jersey Blue you can expect at least three balloons; a pear-shaped Caciocavallo Podolico could get you six, possiblyContinue reading ““The Wheel of San Geronimo,” an Essay by David Simmons”

“Here are the Men I’ve Dated or Fucked Since You Threatened to Peel My Face Off. Not Both. Only One or the Other.” a Poem by Jack Hawthorn

First was Neurotic Fake Woke Sadboi – nobody came and he refused to sell me weed when I wouldn’t have terrible sex with him again.