“The God Shammgod” A Poem by Will Shook-Shoup

The God Shammgod[1] First:See all. Father, Mother, Son.Homonymy ofweight and wait. Then:drop ball w/ right. [In-time aside: homonymy of KyrieIrving, kyriarchy (concept), and the kyrie eleison.] Then:Step right and reach w/ leftand hard cross, yesskid, Crossand break the ankles                               so the other slips and falls.Ankles into dust ashamed. The soul leaves the body. After, lastly: goto hoop on yo-yofinish w/ the left w/ Englishball-spinon homonymyof axis … Continue reading “The God Shammgod” A Poem by Will Shook-Shoup

“I Only Pray on Instagram” by Kara Lewis

where my high school best friend piles tithed heartsin the pixelated hallow of her hands. She ascendsofferings — flat tummy tea, knee-length modesty, steamedbroccoli: See what makes me holy. Who hasn’t starvedfor salvation? When she writes, Today, I have been bad,and divulges a half-eaten donut, I savor our youthgroup, where we scribbled sins on slips of paper, sacrificedthem to the pyre. But when I crept … Continue reading “I Only Pray on Instagram” by Kara Lewis

“Is this Love?” A Poem by Elliott Whitson

I stare at the ceilingfan spinning, lazy,my legs still shaking. One bed,two mouths,three pillows, four collarbones. I watch you watch me watch you.Your fingers trace the stretch marks on my thighs. Elliott Whitson is a writer of poetry and fiction, a former evangelical Christian from Kansas, and is currently living a queer lifestyle in Kitchener, Ontario. They work in a library so they can be surrounded … Continue reading “Is this Love?” A Poem by Elliott Whitson

Submissions are Open!

Hello readers, writers, and friends. Our submissions are open for the foreseeable future. We are accepting submissions in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. If you have been marginalized due to your gender identity, class, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnic identity, nationality, or immigration status, or if you have been or currently are incarcerated, we invite you to submit your work for publication in Snarl. … Continue reading Submissions are Open!