“Earth Gazing” by Rubin Hardin

If you turnyour attentionto the Mississippiriver, you’ll seethe closeted nonbinarykid walkingdown the dirt path.Their brother’sred hand-me-down sweatshirt can beseen all the wayfrom Neptune.They are mesmerizedby Orion’s Belt. The shimmeringindigo spheresreflect in their eyes.For a momentthey feel whole. I’m transalmost tripstheir mouth.They heara loon nearby and worry shemight tell someoneNotice howhard they tryto carve out some bravery.Notice howdesperately theycling to the soil.Everyone come witness thescientificdiscovery.Look at … Continue reading “Earth Gazing” by Rubin Hardin

A person's bent elbows resting on their knees.

“Callus” by Chris Alaimo

Calluseson handsand kneesand feeta perfectly naturalresponseto traumasediments on the surfaceamber, lumpyhard and final—pliable and forgiving,the way onlydeath permits—scalloped tonguecracked solesan injunction to entombsterilize the woundpain now and thena function of thickness Chris (he/him) is a poet from Hamilton, ON. His poetry has appeared in Prometheus Dreaming, Plants and Poetry, eris & eros, and The Dewdrop. His foray into poetry was borne of a desire to explore the perennial questions of … Continue reading “Callus” by Chris Alaimo